The first few encounters were enough to get their music into my subconscious. I played the album "The Church of Destruction" over and over again and horrifying memories of the cursed church flew through my head. This is old school death metal for all honest maniacs!Deadly Storm zine



Release Date : January 13, 2024
Genre : Thrash Metal
Catalog ref. : AWA 101 CD
Format : CD

Hailing from Singapore, old-school thrash metal defender BLOODSTONE formed in 2004 with a passion for early 80’s extreme metal.

Written during COVID-19, the sophomore album is titled “Electrocution” and is more aggressive, straightforward, and ravaging than the band’s previous releases. The lyrics revolve around politics, capital punishment, and war, expressing their disgruntlement, disillusionment, and frustration with modernity and the system.