The first few encounters were enough to get their music into my subconscious. I played the album "The Church of Destruction" over and over again and horrifying memories of the cursed church flew through my head. This is old school death metal for all honest maniacs!Deadly Storm zine

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The Church of Destruction

Release Date : January 13, 2024
Artist : ENDEMIC
Genre : Death Metal
Catalog ref. : AWA 087 CD
Format : CD

Spain-based ENDEMIC was founded in 2022 and its debut album is titled “The Church of Destruction” and features 9 songs written between January and May 2022, whose lyrics are a protest against all kinds of religion and people who use it to indoctrinate and enslave their followers, religion is bad, it is a demon for the human being, an endemic evil that doesn’t let you think for yourself.

ENDEMIC’s music is based on fast, incisive, relentless, Old-School Death Metal that doesn’t forget its rotten and heavy origins from the early ’90s, their music is a tribute to cult bands like VOMITORY, SADISTIC INTENT, ANGEL CORPSE, VITAL REMAINS or INCANTATION.