The first few encounters were enough to get their music into my subconscious. I played the album "The Church of Destruction" over and over again and horrifying memories of the cursed church flew through my head. This is old school death metal for all honest maniacs!Deadly Storm zine



Release Date : November 25, 2023
Genre : Death Metal
Catalog ref. : AWA 094 CD
Format : CD

The first formation of ABJECT MENTOR was formed by Tony Díaz (Guitars, Vocals), Kevin Díaz (Bass), and Luis de Luna (Drums) in Aguascalientes, Mexico during the 2020 pandemic. With a worship of old-school death metal, they launched their first demo and two singles in 2021. At the end of 2022, Kevin Xinel joined as a guitarist and gave new life to the band.

The quartet’s debut full-length album, titled “ABOMINACIONES”, features the putrid sounds of old-school death metal and the evil aura of blackened death metal. With amazing artwork drawn by Julian Felipe Mora Ibañez, a feast of extreme metal filled with brutal riffs and screams of agony is unveiled!