The first few encounters were enough to get their music into my subconscious. I played the album "The Church of Destruction" over and over again and horrifying memories of the cursed church flew through my head. This is old school death metal for all honest maniacs!Deadly Storm zine


In Pain We Trust

Release Date : November 25, 2023
Genre : Death Metal
Catalog ref. : AWA 092 CD
Format : CD

ONE DAY IN PAIN from Stockholm, Sweden is an Old School Death Metal Band created by Nicke Olsson (PUTRID VISION, ex-LEPROSY & ex-CENTINEX). The project came in 2020 when Nicke was at home sick with COVID-19 and decided to write a bunch of songs for fun!

Titled “IN PAIN WE TRUST”, the third studio album is a little bit of a concept album about how we believe in pain, and how we can grow in pain, and use the pain like a religion! Classic sounds and traditional formulas summon the indelible spirit of old-school death metal!